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How did Tati Home come from?

Tati Home is a website for designing special, unusual, exquisite furniture and interior elements to make Your home a special place where You can fulfil Your ideas and feel the best.

The idea of creating a furniture platform, Tati Home, arose from the need for a comfort in our home.  Only through the product itself You can learn about all the features of the furniture offered. Researching, looking for and traveling to international exhibitions has crystallized the view of what designer's products, furniture collections and blinds are those worth purchasing. As the time goes by, realizing that everything is qualitative, made from natural materials, and that it has been perfected to the smallest detail, an idea emerged to distribute these products in Latvia. Tati Home is currently working with such brands as Artisan, Jasno, and Wood & Washi. The products of these brands are recognized in the world and have been awarded with prestigious awards such as Red Dot Awards, Interior Innovation Award, Iconic Awards, German design awards, Golden Key Awards and others.

Tati Home has access to almost all samples of furniture colors and wood texture. By ordering Your chosen product You will know that each piece of furniture and each furniture item will be created for you. By ordering this designer's work You can be sure that your home will have high quality handmade products produced of natural materials and made with special care.

Payment and delivery

From the time of ordering, from the supplier to the receipt of furniture, will need to wait about 3 - 4 months, because the particular interior object will be prepared for you. At the time of ordering 50% prepayment of the furniture value is required.  When the object of the...


Red Dot Award: The Product Design competition has existed since 1954. Its award, the Red Dot, is an internationally recognised quality seal. The best products receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. The origins of the Red Dot Design Award date back to 1955. The institution...